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Communication Workshop

Communication Workshop

Communication is key for efficient promotion and to raise awareness around the OCEAN CITIZEN results and outcomes. To design the best strategy, a Communication Workshop has been held in June with the Work package Leaders of the consortium. 

The OCEAN CITIZEN project recently conducted a Communication Workshop in collaboration with SUBMON and UGI. The workshop, which was part of WP6 activities, brought together leaders from various work packages (WPs) with the aim of advancing the project’s communication strategy. 

The workshop had two main objectives: to share updates on the Communication and Dissemination plan’s progress and to gather crucial feedback from the consortium members.

Additionally, participants dedicated their efforts to crafting cohesive key messages to be used in the project’s communication, targeting different audiences. 

The workshop took a collaborative approach, involving a thorough analysis, discussion, and active participation from all project partners. The first part of the workshop was dedicated to conduct a SWOT analysis and audience mapping exercise, which later provided valuable insights that helped crafting the key words and messages for each public. This iterative process enabled the identification of main and complementary key words that were later used to form the basis of clear and consistent key messages. 

In the future, the consortium will continue to regularly evaluate and refine the communication strategy as the project progresses. 

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