Ocean Citizen

A multidisciplinary approach integrating science and society in marine forest regeneration for ocean management and protection

The Project

OCEAN CITIZEN aims at developing an innovative and sustainable protocol for coastal restoration and conservation, replicable and specifically designed for different ecozones.


Co-create an innovative blueprint for coastal restoration at different depths and in different ecozones for future restorations actions and initiatives in the various waters of Europe.


Provide practical and self-sustained solutions to ensure the viability of effective large-scale restoration plans in marine-coastal degraded areas.


Consolidate through a transdisciplinary approach a new generation of marine-coastal restoration model for ocean protection.

Key Facts

Horizon Europe

Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters - Call - Blue Parks

Project Timeline

January 2023 to December 2026


23 Partners and 8 Countries


EU Contribution: 10.608.915,00€ Total budget: 11.182.938,00€

Stay Tuned

Next Steps
Next Steps
September 2023 will be a busy month for the OCEAN CITIZEN team! A new campaign has already been set up in Tenerife,...
Communication Workshop
Communication Workshop
Communication is key for efficient promotion and to raise awareness around the OCEAN CITIZEN results and outcomes. To design the best strategy,...
Ocean Decade endorsement
Ocean Decade endorsement
Being endorsed by the United Nations and having the privilege to be recognized as an important project by the Ocean...
Networking with other EU projects: ANERIS and PREP4BLUE
Networking with other EU projects: ANERIS and PREP4BLUE
Networking with other European-funded projects is crucial for the OCEAN CITIZEN consortium. A significant effort is dedicated to connect with...
1st campaign of the Ocean Citizen project in Tenerife
1st campaign of the Ocean Citizen project in Tenerife
One of the wonderful aspects of the Ocean Citizen project is the organization of campaigns that allow researchers from different...
Website Deliverable
Website Deliverable
In April, the OCEAN CITIZEN website as launched. The site is now live and ready to serve as the central hub for...

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