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Marine Bioligy Project Management

Marine Bioligy Project Management
About Underwater Gardens International

Underwater Gardens International (UGI) is a private company based in Barcelona, dedicated to the regeneration and conservation of marine ecosystems. Founded in 2016, UGI combines scientific knowledge with business ePiciency to make a meaningful and sustainable impact on the environment and society.

UGI’s solutions focus on the pressing challenges facing the ocean, such as climate change and the degradation of marine habitats. The solutions are structured around three main pillars: Ocean Regeneration R&D, Sea Gardens integrative projects for habitat resilience and climate change adaptation, and the Underwater Gardens Blue Innovation Hubs for financial sustainability of ocean regeneration.

Information about the job position

This is a unique opportunity to be part of a growing company and to join a multidisciplinary team based in Barcelona (the oPice is very well communicated with public transport). UGI is looking to expand its solid team and therefore, we are looking for someone who is looking for a long-term position.

This position requires a high level of availability to work closely with other departments within the company, oPering the opportunity to constantly learn and grow as a professional. The daily activities of the job are driven by the achievement of objectives, and they include the management of diPerent projects, team coordination routines, direct reporting to the Direction team, technical reports production, among other multiple activities.

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