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Marine Research Support Officer

Marine Research Support Officer

The European Topic Centre on Spatial Analysis and Synthesis (ETC-UMA) is an international centre that develops and applies scientific knowledge and cutting-edge technology to address environmental issues and enhance the status of ecosystems at all spatial scales targeting various stakeholders. The centre’s mission is to support ecosystems – landscapes, and seascapes – management in the face of major global changes with a focus on their conservation and restoration.

ETC-UMA is a partner of the European Topic Centre on Data Integration and Digitalisation, a consortium collaborating with the European Environmental Agency (EEA). As such it is supporting the EEA in delivering information on the condition and trends of the ecosystems through data collection, harmonisation, maintenance, environmental assessments, and technical and science for policy reporting. Furthermore, ETC-UMA collaborates with a network of regional institutions to implement international projects to assess and monitor the effects of global change on ecosystems, tailoring solutions to reduce their impacts.

To consolidate a growing working area, ETC-UMA is opening a vacancy to recruit a highly motivated and well-qualified candidate to work as a Marine Research Support Officer. This position seeks to consolidate ETC-UMA´s working area in marine conservation research and analysis through increasing the knowledge on marine protection and connectivity. More specifically, the position is related to the implementation of the EU horizon project Blue Connect. The project aims to support efforts to reach marine conservation and restoration targets. To achieve such objectives, Blue Connect will provide tools and a framework for science-based conservation objectives, supporting the design and implementation of conservation measures and providing a system for monitoring and assessing conservation effectiveness. 

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