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Celebrating World Ocean Day with a story of hope

Celebrating World Ocean Day with a story of hope
OceanCitizen First Comic

World Ocean Day is a time to reflect on the vital role of the Ocean. Today, we are excited to introduce the first comic of our project, OCEAN CITIZEN, a storytelling initiative dedicated to raising awareness about the threats our ocean faces and the hope that lies in our collective action.

Our journey begins with the first comic, which illustrates some of the various pressures endangering our ocean today: from pollution and overfishing to climate change and habitat destruction. These issues are represented through beautiful visuals and carefully compelling narratives, breaking down the information in a way that is easy to understand. Despite talking about challenges, the comic also focuses on the theme of hope—showing that collective action can reverse the damage and restore the health of our oceans.

Miriam Rivera from Biomiics, who has designed the comic, shares her experience with the OCEAN CITIZEN project:

"Getting to know the OCEAN CITIZEN project has been a great experience for me. From my point of view, I’ve gained a deep understanding of its goals and approach. I hope to raise awareness about the project and inspire scientists, politicians, society, and other affected groups to take action. The first comic of the project represents all these groups and concludes with a small glowing sprout, symbolising what remains and what can still regrow if we take action. The OCEAN CITIZEN project offers a comprehensive plan that can make a difference. Through this comic, our aim is to communicate a sense of responsibility, hope, and urgency for action. We want to acknowledge our past mistakes as a part of humanity and work together towards solutions, considering all perspectives. As the comic suggests, we have left a trace, but it can still leave a different one."

While the problems facing our oceans are significant, there is hope. The first comic sets the tone for the series by not only highlighting the dangers but also showcasing the power of collective effort and resilience. It reminds us that we can turn the tide and work towards a healthier ocean through science, awareness, education, and action.

But this is just the beginning. Over the coming years, we will unveil three more comics, each exploring different aspects of the project and ocean conservation. We invite you to be a part of this journey, to learn, to act, and to make a difference.

Stay tuned, and join us on this journey!

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