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V-Corals at Interzoo

V-Corals at Interzoo

Interzoo is the world’s leading trade fair for the pet industry shows the latest trends and innovations. Thousands of trade visitors come source information on the latest trends in pet food, care products and accessories for pets at Interzoo every two years.

V-Corals’ participation at Interzoo directly aligns with the OCEAN CITIZEN project’s goals of promoting sustainable coral practices and coral restoration efforts.

The event provided a valuable opportunity to connect with key industry professionals, including:

  • Dr. Kevin Erickson, Industry Development Lead of the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program (RRAP) in Australia.
  • Dr. Samuel Nietzer from SciReef, a leader in coral reproduction and aquaculture.
  • Coral exporters from Indonesia.

Conversations focused on crucial areas like:

  • Sustainable coral practices: Discussion of innovative methods for responsible coral cultivation and propagation.
  • Coral enhancement solutions: Exploration of advancements in coral health and resilience.
  • Sustainable aquaculture: Sharing of V-Corals’ commitment to sustainable coral farming practices.
  • Coral restoration efforts: Connection with experts working on active coral reef restoration initiatives.

By participating in Interzoo and engaging with these professionals, V-Corals were able to disseminate information about the OCEAN CITIZEN project’s goals and advocate for sustainable coral practices within the industry.

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