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Words from coordinator

Words from coordinator

Dear reader,

On behalf of the entire OCEAN CITIZEN consortium, I am pleased to welcome you to the project’s website.

Ocean citizen, as a Horizon Europe project funded by the European Commission, is unique in its kind: It is one of the largest pilot projects ever launched in coastal restoration and the conservation of marine coastal biodiversity. What sets it apart is its replicability across a wide range of different ecozones.

The project brings together 23 partners from 10 countries to support the implementation of practical solutions aimed at ensuring the viability of effective restoration plans. These plans will be implemented in degraded areas across 5 ecozones over a four-year period. 

Not only is it a large-scale project, it is also incredibly ambitious in terms of developing technical solutions, business models, and priority scenarios for impact assessment. We anticipate that the knowledge gained from this project will influence the strategies for restoration in Europe and beyond. Indeed, in OCEAN CITIZEN, our aim is to collaborate with stakeholders worldwide, including universities, public administrations, and many more. 

While we faced some challenges initially, we have managed to overcome them and establish a solid foundation for the project in terms of technical progress and positive working interactions.

Thank you for your interest and support in Ocean citizen.

Best regards,

Sergio Rossi
Project Coordinator
Università del Salento

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